The Most Amazing Year of my life

3:26 PM Keenya Kelly 2 Comments

So this post won't have anything to do with hair...but everything to do with me. Today is March 1st, 2011, one year ago I embarked upon a journey that revolutionized my life and I am sure those nearest to me. One year ago today I moved from the Southside of Richmond in a 3 Bedroom Townhouse in a very nice part of town to The City of Richmond in a house that I NEVER would have chose to live in, especially at the price that was on it, and in a neighborhood that I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy. I started this journey alone with my two cats, the bed/dressor that I purchased from my last room, a book shelf, hundreds of book and my television. I didn't have much money, so the landlord agreed to work with me. God had told me that in this house was where I would be set free. I didn't know how I was bound up...but apparently I was and badly. He wanted to deliver me from: Fear, People, Selfishness, Stubborness, Control and a host of other things!! And this year has definitely been a year of a Champion. On the outside I appeared to have it all together, but in the beginning I cried so hard on the inside. I was paying 3xs more than I paid the month before, I was instructed to move someone in. Buy whatever it is that they needed or wanted. I remember days going to the grocery store buying what I knew they would want and having to settle for whatever I could afford for me. Some days I was so angry with God, angry with the person that I lived with...but I KNEW God told me to do it, so I did. Then the unfortunate happened and a sister at church lost her mother and God wanted me to bring this sister into my home. I was already stressed enough...but I knew God told me I did it!! I remember putting my clothes on and noticing that I was losing weight...but that it was due to stress. I no longer worked out 5 days a week because I was so stressed out...but I loved to see their faces when I came home. They were always so happy to see me, eager to come in my room and talk to me. So when I wanted to cry...I couldn't...all I could do was smile...because I knew somehow they were going to bless me.

God told me that "If I was faithful over a few that he would make me ruler or many things." I wasn't use to hearing from God, or believing in him. Like AT ALL! I prayed for him to help pay a bill once...but never to give me peace, help me live and love these two individuals. To give me the strength that I know they needed from me...I never believed that God would take care of me like I heard him that day March 1st 2010...but he did.

I started in that house with a bed from a old roommate, a book shelf, and 300 books and about $300. Today...I am glad to share that GOD GAVE ME:
Digital Washer & Dryer
Pots & Pans
Baking Pans
Forks, Knives, Spoons
Plates, Bowls (3x over)
Toaster Oven
Deep Fryer
Counter Skillet
Refrigerator - because the one the landlord bought didnt work
A Professional Cleaning Lady
Beautiful Shower Curtain
Living room Curtains and Curtain Rod - after having a sheet up for 6 months
Two Area Rugs
Two interior Designers
A Specialized Painting..painted just for me
$250 to buy the the store that day...the paint costs $235...
A New Bedroom Set
2 couches and a love seat
Two tv stands
A Professional Hair Dryer
Tools for my future hair salon
20 Pairs of Shoes
Ipod Station
Computer Printer
The Bedroom set for the first girl and a television
And I began my journey of getting dressed for work...I looked into my closet with joy/sadness. God has me on another journey beginning March 1st into a new place. 3x's the size as the current home and the cost of living lowered SUBSTANTIALLY. I'm so grateful for what I experienced this past year. I heard alot of negative things this year...but I held onto God's word. Nothing anyone could have said or can say...would make me do anything but what he told me to do. I'm so grateful for those that believed with me, encouraged me, fought with and for me...and celebrated me!! So grateful. So many days I wanted to keep the Praise Reports to myself..but I refused...God had to be glorified!! To end this day...I bless God for what he has done this year and I look forward to this next year. And I want to thank one special person..Soteria!! 
You know how much you've meant to me...and I thank and love you for it.


  1. First time I read this, amazing Keenya!

  2. PRAISE GOD!!! One of the hardest years of my life....but to whom much is given much is required.