Jane Carter Curl Defining Cream

9:32 AM Keenya Kelly 0 Comments

Today is going to be an amazingly great day!!
Sooo...this morning I decided to try out Jane Carter's Curling Cream!
She kindly sent me a sample pack a few months ago, and I decided to try it out this morning!! AMAZING RESULTS! As you all know I am only 1 year Natural, so I am learning about all the different products as well as my hair.
Does anyone have trouble with their hair...that is DIRECTLY in the middle of your head?!? Sheesh!!! This stuff refuses to curl up until I do a two-strand twist...hmph...HELP!!!
So I co-washed my hair like I normally do, leave-in Conditioner and then the curling cream. Since it was a small sample size, I just worked it all through my hair without sectioning it, so I didnt get every last curl. But IMMEDIATELY my curls started forming!!
My hair isn't dry yet, since that was at 7am this morning and its only 10:30, but the spots that are dry are really soft. I have used gels to define my curls, but I have been interested in trying our Creams. So far so good Jane Carter. Not to mention I love her entire line folks. Stay Tuned...Ill send you an update pic towards the end of the day!!!
For Jane Carter products you can go to your local Target Store. Don't look in the "Ethnic" aisle, her products are on a different display..more visible!! whoot whoot to Jane Carter!!!