I need a new Leave-In Conditioner

11:44 AM Keenya Kelly 2 Comments

Hey Everyone! Haven't written in a few days...EYB is keep a sistah really busy...LOVE IT!!! So it has been 1 year and 4 months since I have been natural...definitely loving the journey; but I have been STUCK on one certain Leave - In Conditioner. I still stick by Giovanni Direct Leave - IN conditioner...but I know there are even better ones out there...and ones that help losen up my curls so that I can comb my hair in the shower....any recommendations?


  1. Try the Kimmaytube leave-in. We love it. She is on youtube. Just type in "Kimmaytube leave-in" Maria

  2. Try Darcy's Botanicals leave in conditioner. It completely loosens my curls and leaves my hair really moisturized.