Day 2 of Detox!!

6:32 PM Keenya Kelly 0 Comments

Detox Postponed!!! So...Yesterday was an interesting day, I made it all the way to 5:45 when I realized...a Fruit/Veggie detox was NO JOKE!!! It appeared that my body began to ...what I call..."Go through withdrawals." I was pretty darn queazy, light headed, dizzy and felt like I needed to THROW UP!!! OMG!! But I was determined. I spoke with Tricia and she let me know that I was pretty much dehydrated!! That we should be drinking 1/2 of our weight in water..clearly was drinking about 4 bottles of water...NOT ENOUGH! Today started out great...Oranges, Frozen Grapes, Strawberries and Almonds..for lunch I steamed brocolli and green beans...YUMM O!! But an hour after lunch I was 3 steps from lying FACE FLAT in my office bathroom. I spoke with Tricia and we pretty much realized that I EAT HORRIBLY!! We realized that I have become addicted to Potato Chips...sounds crazy...but its true...take a look at what she had to say today:

"KKG, it's a conspiracy. What the industry does is combine a good "natural" balance of sweet, salt, and sour to make it difficult to put the food down even if it doesn't taste that great. The main (not the only) chemical they use, it comes... under many different disguised names, is monosodium glutamate or MSG or processed free glutamic acid. You find these mostly in processed foods such as chips or frozen foods like french fries, just to name a few. Rule of thumb, buy the corn kernel and pop them yourself, cut up your potato fries and bake 'em. Go back to the way Grandma used to do it when everything wasn't such a hurry."

OMG!! Shaking my head at the food industry!!! Down right terrible ya'll. We agreed that I will go back to eating regularly, but I will eliminate juices/sodas for a while, no chips, fried foods or items that are artificially flavored!

I definitely wouldnt have considered this a failed mission, but one with a small detour! I have lots of weight to take off, but ummm definitely not going to kill myself doing it!! Tricia has another menu on and she has been amazing with great education!!! Stay Tuned and we journey to my 30 pound weightloss!!!