Taking Care of you for you

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Hey Everyone!! Detox Rocks has begun!! I'm excited!! For those of you that know me, you know that I LOVE to work out, I love to look good, feel good and help others....but its virtually impossible when ALL of the pants you own no longer fit, when you're unbuttoning your pants once you sit down, and you haven't worked out in a few months. "Yea...that's me." ALL of my pants no longer fit me comfortably, I went to try on my Bridesmaid Dress...look in the mirror and I thought..."Gee look at the time...time to go." But I was not going to wallow in my sorrow...I just decided that enough is enough and its time get back on track.
*********These next few words might be a little harsh, but the truth hurts and sets you free*********
Alot of us spend more time on our hair, nails, and clothes, trying to cover up stuff that we neglect what we are COVERING UP! How do I know? Because I use to be one of them. We look at women who are physically fit and talk about them, are envious of them or it causes us to get a pint/gallon of ice cream and devour it in front of Reality Television. How do I know? Because that USE to be me. We make all kinds of excuses about why we can't/don't loose weight.
1. Healthy Food Costs Too Much
2. I dont like fruit/vegetables
3. I can't afford a gym membership
4. My husband/boyfriend likes me the way that I am
5. I don't have time to exercise
But my response is: Excuses are tools of the incompotent used to build monuments of nothingness, and those that settle for them are seldom good for anything else. We just need to take a good look in the mirror, put down the Bojangles, Cookout, BBQ or Sweet Potato Pie from our church lol and pick up some fruit/veggies. Yes the bed feels good at 6/7am and no one really WANTS to be cold running or walking outside, but we only get one body! ONE BODY! I've lost a few good teeth neglecting them and enjoying candy but I refuse to run up HUGE doctor bills due to neglecting my health. Im 29 years old...I can still take control over my health.
And honestly folks, if you're 16, 30, 45, or 65 all you have to do is start now!! Like seriously. No all of us won't be 110 pounds...I know I have seen that since birth, but I can be 5'3 and physically fit for MY size. I have recently began dating, and I have heard him say I like you the way that you are. Now I could EASILY run with that and say...he said he likes me the way that I am or I could say thanks but be true to MYSELF and still take care of the one body that I have. If he likes me at 177 then he'll like me at 147! If not....then in the words of Maury Povich...You Are NOT THE FATHER! lol. I'm laughing but its true. We gotta take a more active roll in taking care of ourselves for ourselves. Especially if you have children or desire to have children. They need us to be physically fit. None of them want to have to take care of us at 70 because we neglected our health at 30!!!

I Love You all and I pray that on this day, you decide to take better care of YOU for YOU!

Until next time...Keep that lip gloss poppin