Our Event was a MAJOR Success

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Ladies and Gentleman!!!! We had an amazing time at our First Natural Hair Extravaganza.
As you all know this event was put together in a matter of 6 weeks. It went from being a hair party in Brandi's house to over 300 attendees at a conference center with 25 vendors. From the beginning to the end the room was packed with lovely women!!! From Afros to Two-Strand Twists!!
Everyone this is Lana...she was my inspiration to go natural. Didn't even know she knew about the event!! Praise God for divine connections!!
Some of our Beautiful Attendess.
Monica & Andrea at the registration Table.
Props to our food vendor for holding it down!!! They have Beef Patties, Jerk Chicken, Rice and Peas, Brownies...and a lot of other delicious treats..that we UNFORTUNATELY didn't get a chance to eat. We were BUSY and she was too!! She SOLD OUT!!! Praise God.
One of our speakers was Tricia Lomax with http://www.yourfreshstart.net/.
She spent some time educating us on "Total Body Wholeness." She disected the ingredients in some products: Mineral oil and the kicker "propylene glycol." Her segment was extremely eye opening. I am sure she made some of the individuals in the room a little concerned about what they had eaten for breakfast/lunch, the products that they are currently putting in their hair...but she made a point to give a shout out to one of our vendors. Chaner Natural!
Tricia tested her products with the "Finger Test" and gave her the seal of approval from the microphone!! I'm sure they appreciated that!!! One of my personal favs was the "Embracing YOUR Beauty" T-Shirt table...lol.

We have Purple, Red, Pink and Blue with our Logo and Scripture: Psalm 139: 13 - 16 (msg)
And my little sis was helping us out!!!

It really was an amazing event. Lots of giveaways, spoken word, hair stylist and awesome products/services supplied by all of our amazing vendors. It truly was a learning experience...and the Launch of
Embracing YOUR Beauty. With that we are working on our 2nd event. May 21, 2011 in Norfolk, VA.
Stay tuned for updates!!
Rocking in Style!!
Walking by Faith Styles, Inc.
***My Earrings were provided by "Pursuitofhappiness"***
Karen Wilson Natural Beauty
Photos were provided by: Joy Cherie Photography,
Caught on Camera & She.Unique Photography