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OMG! Having my first: "What not to do with your Natural Hair Experience." The only words I have are OUCH!!! So you all know I took out my Senegalese twists and decided to just rock the hair style. It worked really well. Wore it for almost an entire week and it looked great!! Well...last night I finally decided to wash my hair..Shampoo and Conditioner.

 Well after shampooing I noticed most of my ends were extremely tangled. So I figured conditioner would help me out a bit...ummm...not working. I use Giovanni Moisture Conditioner...that didn't work...so I rinsed it out and used Herbal Essence Hello Hydration...mixed in some oils and wore it over night thinking it would soak everything up and loosed the hair...WRONG AGAIN
I washed it all out this morning and put on Giovanni Direct Leave - In, Sweet Almond oil, Rosemary and Lavendar oils and put my hair in a puff. But alot of my ends are tangled!! OUCH! HELP!!