One of my Best Friends is getting Married!!!!

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OMG!! I am super excited folks. One of my best friends from college will be getting married this August. This will be the first wedding I have ever participated in. Not to mention I sincerely love my friend...but since we are on the subject...I'm going to tell you a little about her.
Meet Kim
I have known Kim since the Summer of 1999. How we met and became friends was down right wrong. hahaha. So I went to Freshman orientation at the University of Louisville. Didnt know anyone, but if you know me even a little bit, you know I don't have a hard time making friends. lol. I began conversing with a girl name Jearlyn. Cute girl, quirky, big personality and just alot like me. As we got to our tables we noticed Kim. Slim Kim!! Physically fit, shy so-to-speak and she was would I describe it...90210, Saved By The just knew she wasn't from the city...but I wasn't either so it was easy to spot.
(laughter breakbuhahaha) I think Jearlyn and I were a little intimidated by her presence and beauty that we sorta made fun of her to ourselves. (Triflin...yeah I know) Well as the day went on I spent time with Jearlyn and that night they had a party at The Red Barn
(Dont make fun...yes it was called The Red Barn...duh...This is Kentucky not New York..Geeze)
That night when I walked in I had no one to sit with so I sat next to Kim and her friend Kisha. Started up a conversation and it was a match made in heaven with regards to friendship. I later told her all about how Jearlyn and I made fun of her...had to be honest! And we still laugh at that to this day. We ended up in the same dorm on the same floor. I remember for Kim's birthday she either couldnt go home, or wasn't going home so I decided to plan a surprise for her. I told her I was going to kidnap her, tie her up and leave her somewhere. Our friend Anthony took her to walmart and everyone around campus kept telling her I was going to do crazy things to her for her birthday...since she was from the country I think she expected to be in the midst of a Lifetime Movie!! LOL Glad she didnt tell her mom...Geeze. But when she arrived back to the dorm and the elevators opened it was a surprise party with a Pinata! hahaha.
LOL! Filled with good candies!!! Oh the memories!! My favorite memory is when we enrolled in Dance Aerobics as an elective for college. Lord...did we get surprised in that class. Our instructor had us doing some of the most outrageous dance moves, with the most off the wall songs. But she did have one good jam..and if they play it today....I don't care what city we are in...we both laugh and think of one another.
The Art of Noise: Moments in Love- Go ahead Youtube it ( have all heard it and jammed to it. (Before Christ days) That was our Jam!! I wonder if they will play it at the wedding...maybe Ill get with the DJ and dedicate the song to her!!! buhahahaha.

So where is this blog going...ummm I dunno...just felt like talking about my Kimmie!! But with all that being said...Praise God for the 30 day challenges, because the dress we are wearing is FIERCE!! I have never seen this color look so stunning before in my life. And Glory to God for "My Humps" I am going to look AMAZING in that dress. (I'm not conceited...just convinced) LOL. So as I continue this challenge I look forward to going the month before to get alterations down to the size I have gotten to due to my weight loss.

So with that being you all have met my Kimmie and one of my motivations for taking care of my body this year.
Congrats on everything Kimmie...and your next bottle of Curve is on me!!

....Until next time...Keep that lip gloss poppin
P.S. Saints you might wanna pray they don't give me the mic at the reception....I'm just