My Youngest Sister

8:03 AM Keenya Kelly 2 Comments

Hey Everyone! This is my youngest sister Chelsea. Sister from another mother and Sister in Christ that is. This morning as I was getting ready for work, I thought about how much of a blessing she has been. Some of you all know the story, I won't share it all....but here you go.
A year ago I was instructed to move from a place that was magically beautiful, to a house that I would have NEVER lived in...even if it was for free. I obeyed Gods instructions and moved into the home with a sister from church. About a month later I received a call at work that Chelsea's mother had gone home to be with the Lord. I was shocked that I received the phone call, and that God wanted me to go, but I was willing. Two days later I was instructed to clear out the office and move Chelsea in.  I couldn't believe that she was willing to leave her HUGE house and move into the place where we were living. Didn't make any sense to me at all. Needless to say it has been the most amazing experience for the both of us. I can not even explain it!! I've never had a little sister to live with or someone that liked my presence on a consistent (I'm very energetic, spontaneous and moody) but she seemed to move in and get quite comfortable. Coolest thing is how much she laughs at me. Its like aint that funny...but she laughs and laughs and laughs. I've even willingly publicly embarassed myself on here, facebook and youtube for her enjoyment with my "happy cat video." She's awesome man!! Not to mention. When she moved in I was in my 4th or 5th month in being natural. I really didn't know much about youtube, but she was on there EVERY DAY AND NIGHT watching videos. Eventually I decided to take a look at what was captivating her and my hair ROCKS! LOL (Its ok to admit hair is amazing) buhahahahaha
She has truly been a blessing. I started out thinking I was going to help/bless her, but I never would have thought life would be the way that it is as a result of having Chelsea in the house. Even our conversation last night about hearing Gun shots at night while watching tv is amazing. Like dude..we went from the country to the hood together...and we aint scared. (as we put the chain on the door) lol. But I just wanted to take an opportunity to introduce you all to a special person in my life. Crazy how life can change in 1 year! Simply amazing!! Keep us in your prayers...we are about to embark upon a new journey together...stay tuned for updates.
And until next time...Keep that lip gloss poppin


  1. You're right, Keenya! Your hair is amazing. You're making me think about going natural when it was never even on my radar!

  2. Lol yall make me laugh! So excited about ur future together