A Man told me he wants a woman who works out...but HE doesnt!! HMPH

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Shout out to "Thank God I'm Natural" thankgodimnatural.wordpress.com she was my inspiration to write this blog...well 2nd inspiration.

A man once told me...My girl needs to work out..but I don't have to. What a statement...and with that statement I knew (in Maury Povich's voice) he was NOT the father!! Hallelujah!!

Thinking about that statement reminds me of how many things we expect our partner or friends to be, but we are not. We expect our man/woman to have good credit, but we dont. We expect or mate to have a flashy car and huge bank account, but we don't. We expect our friends to go along with whatever we say/do, to love us unconditionally and we don't. And for that brotha to say he expects us to work out and he doesnt was appauling. Is he serious? Does he not see the value in taking care of his physical fitness?
Does he not think he needs cardio for his heart? And once we give birth to their babies they expect us to get back down the weight when they first met us...seriously?!?
The statement that comes in mind to me is "GROW UP."
No one is going to be EVERYTHING you want them to be....BUT in the area of physical fitness..if you want a man/woman that works out...American Family Fitness is having a special...you should join the gym.

I love the gym! It's not a requirement for my mate...but it is something that I look for.
I really enjoy working out...not necessarily to be a size 6...but because its fun, refreshing, and helps me look/feel good. There is nothing better than falling out of bed (because you don't wanna get up), hitting the pavement for a 20  - 30 minute run...passing out on the floor, showering and getting dressed for the day. Your whole day is different!! And then when its time for bed every night you can look in the mirror and admire your progress...nothing like it.
So I say again to that brotha...if you want something...become it!! Those are not my current abs...and nor do I want abs like that....but stay tuned over the next 3 - 6 months...
Until next time...Keep that lip gloss poppin