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Hey  Everyone!! I am pleased to announced that my hair has officially been detangled. In my last blog I told you all that I untwisted my hair from Senegalese twists and wore it for 1 week. As a result my hair was EXTREMELY tangled. I tried untangling it at my desk...and it hurt like that little girl on the movie "The Color Purple" no joke. It hurt. My girls Tia and Chelsea reminded me that you don't de-tangle your hair while its dry..but while its wet. LIGHT BULB...I remember that. So I sat down on my couch, spray bottle in hand and BOOM!!! De-Tangled!! So I was my hair again with Hello Hydration Condtioner and did my normal regimine and boom!!! SHINY!!! YEAAA!!! Whoot Whoot!!
Lesson: Don't detangle your hair while its dry

Whoopi's got a Two-Strand Twist!!! Whoot Whoot