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Great News Everyone!!! 
We have our first PARTNER!! 
Becoming New Hair Salon & Spa has agree to partner with us for this event. 
We are super excited about this.
Meet Donnetta
Ladies Ladies Ladies! We are all natural, trying to learn what in the world to do with our hair! What to use, what not to use, how to style, how not to style, to flat iron to not flat iron, or do we just cut it all off and wear a fade!!! lol. Donnetta has all of he answers for you!! She blew out my hair March of last year...and folks I thought I had a relaxer. My hair had NEVER felt/looked that way before in my life. I didn't know if you should pay her or kiss her. lol. Ladies!! I know it's tough trying to figure out who to trust with your hair, and if the prices that are being charged here in RIchmond are worth it..Ladies...SHE IS THE ONE TO CHOOSE! I speak from experience!! I know you all want to look good for our event...You definitely want to give Donnetta a call!! SERIOUSLY!!!
Becoming New Salon and Spa - 804-317-3787
Not to mention Donnetta is also an image consultant!! FOLKS!! She is a diva!! Like for real!! Don't hate when you see my wardrobe change, as I will be under the leadership of Donnetta! Whoot Whoot!! I am excited!! Glory to God!! 
So Ladies...if you need a recommendation as 
I am sure alot of you do...
She gets my recommendation via experience!!


  1. How long does her blow outs last? And how much does she charge?

  2. Love it...Ms. Griffin! :)
    ~Tami. E

  3. Her style is fierce (two snaps)! Love her <3

  4. and that is why i call her "FlyFantabulous"!