30 Day Challenge

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It's February 1st and we made it through our 30 Day Challenge. Was it hard?? YES! Did I mess up? OH YES!! But I am not going to beat myself or you all up about it. A challenge is what it is..A CHALLENGE.

Definition of a Challenge - A Call to battle, contest, special EFFORT

Meaning we all knew it was going to be tough...and that we would come out a little bruised up....but that we would make it. Shout out to those of you that took the challenge, and even if you messed up..its alright!!
I jumped on the scale today and it says I weight 165lbs. I didn't believe it on I got on and off about 7 times. The results were the same!! WOW! Shocked. I didn't mess up on bread that much..but I did have a few pasta dishes and some drinks that weren't water...but for the most part I stuck to it. AND BOOM!! Never would have thought this would happen with eliminating Sugary drinks and all the pasta that I consumed.
So now I want to keep the challenges going!!! I told you all that the next challenge would be to work out and eat one piece of fruit each day..so this is it!!!
My Fruit of choice will probably consist of: Oranges, Pears, Grapes and Mangos...since they're my favorites. And I would like for everyone to work out a minimum of 2 days a week for 30 minutes. Nothing crazy...just a brisk walk, a run or whatever you do...but do it consistently!!! We say we want a healthy, sculpted body..so we must be willing to do what it takes.
I have some extra motivation these days!! One of my best friends will be getting married in JAMAICA

In August so I've got some work to do!!! Definitely appreciate the motivation!
So there it is ladies!! Newest challenge..oh yea...by the way....this month I will NOT consume white pasta or white bread...it will be whole wheat if any. And I will continue on my no sugar drinks only water...its hard when I LOVE Kiwi Strawberry Snapple..but I'd rather have a six pack abs..
So Let's go folks!! Its February...and this is our year to healthy living!!!

Until next time...keep that lip gloss poppin

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  1. time for you to go ahead and be honest with the blog world and dont leave out your daily intake of cheetos!!!!!