My Protective Style for 2011

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Senegalese Twists - Protective Styles
Hey Chicas!!! I must apologize for taking so long to write...been a wee bit busy!!! So...this is my 2nd winter with my natural hair. I've been doing a little bit of studying on what harsh winters can do to your hair...and the importance of moisture even more. But before I share my findings...I'm going to keep studying...don't want to steer you all in the wrong direction.
It's been two weeks since I have had this style...and unfortunately my scalp itches a lot. I am trying to figure out what I need to put on my scalp before getting the twists, and while I have them. Lately, I have been putting Grape Seed Oil and Tea Tree Oil on my scalp....but I am going to revert back to my Jojoba oil once my large bottle comes in. Ill let you know which oil helps my scalp best.
All in all...I love this hair style. Its need, brings my facial features out...and its fun. She curled the ends of the hair....
Women at my job come up to me all the time saying...aww your hair looks so fun!!! LOL I agree.
If you all have any remedies for taking care of my hair with the twists as well as my scalp...please share.
Shout out to my stylist KD!!!
Check out her business
Til next time...Keep that lip gloss poppin

"Embracing YOUR Beauty"
Natural Hair Extravaganza
February 19th, 2011
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  1. It looks very nice !what kind of hair did you use and how many packs?

  2. I used 7 packs of hair...not sure the kind...the stylist told me the kind and I just bought it