Planning an event is an extremely exciting experience!

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Hey Folks!! As you all know Brandi and I are in the process of planning our Natural Hair Event. I am sure most of you all have seen all of the exciting updates..but I have to tell you all the details!! God is an amazing God. So I was sitting at my desk on Thursday January 13th and heard God tell me to have a Natural Hair Party. Thought it was a rather ODD request to hear from God, but I was like oh ok...sure why not. So I called my girl Brandi and asked her about having an event at her house for about 30 women...she agreed. A few ladies found out and wanted to host...but the more and more we thought about it we knew lots of women at church that needed to attend, so we began looking for free locations. Everything kept falling through so I went to a Sis Lavond Branch and asked for her help, since she had a previous event. She gave me some ideas and I figured if we have to pay for a place, lets get a few vendors. So I asked for her vendor list, she reminded me that her vendors are private people and that she would contact them on my behalf. Well Sharon was contacted and come to find out she is the rep for Organic Root Stimulator and Elasta QP, I asked if she would be interested in donating products and possibly being a vendor. She agreed and told me that if we have another event that Organic Root Stimulator might be interested in being our sponsor. Well a few days later she called saying Organic Root Stimulator was looking for an event to sponsor for February because they didnt have one.

and they are our Official Sponsor. Not to mention a Rep from A Healthy Coffee company has agreed to sponsor our event as well. We went from a home to a conference center with 25 vendors, a DJ from 92.1(the local R&B Station), a Hair Stylist, Make up Artist, Poet, 2 Photographers, Food a matter of 3 weeks!! We have NEVER put on a hair event EVER in our lives...but it was a desire of our hearts...but get this...we had NEVER shared it with one another. I geuninely love woman...want to  help them see themselves as God sees them..BEAUTIFUL. I am a motivational speaker/comedian. LOL. Brandi has a thriving Natural Hair Care youtube channel, a T-Shirt Business, and a host of other ideas that she is going to venture into. In a matter of 3 weeks God took us from no event to this!! We are EXCITED!! We will be featured on our Media Sponsor, Video on and whatever else God wants to do to get the glory for this event.
So the purpose of this blog is to say...there is nothing too hard for God. He can turn an idea that we didnt even have into something spectacular overnight. Today is January 31st, we still have 19 days to go...and we are looking forward to him continuing to show out!!

Look forward to hearing alot more from Brandi and I with our new Business "Embracing YOUR Beauty." We will have our T-Shirts on site at the event.