One headband, One day, Two Styles

10:04 AM Keenya Kelly 2 Comments

Hey Chicas! Yesterday I forgot to put in my leave-in conditioner when I wore my puffm it was down right terrible. It was hard to put my hands through and looked I didnt show a pic..but today...I hooked it up! I did a cute little puff as you see here, put on my new pick scarf and got to stepping this morning...HOWEVER...after sitting here for a little while my head began to hurt, as the headband hasn't been stretched out its extremely tight. I decided that it was unbearable so I untwisted the headband and decided to rock my hair this way...
Its a subtle change, but its definitely a change. My curls look too cute. This picture doesn't do it any justice...gonna see if someone will take a picture from behind and capture more of the little curls!! I love it!!! I think I may make a video!!!


  1. Cute! Girl, the headband headache-ugh!!! That happened to me at church on Sunday, I took that thing right out of my head and just wore it like it was and you couldn't even tell that I didn't have it in my head. I tried it again Monday, I had the worst headache @ work and it came right on off again. You'd think as big as my head is and as much as I pull the band it would be stretched lol!

  2. Girl who are you telling!!! I'm trying to find more headbands....I really like the puff...but don't like a headache