How Often Should You Poop?

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I am SURE you guys are like "why in the world is she talking about pooping on a Natural Hair Blog," the reason being is that I have decided not only to be natural, but to focus on being a Healthier Me. I issued the 30 day challenge of No Pasta/Bread and no Juices/Sodas so that I could become healthier and so that those of you that need somewhere to start that you can begin with me.

I know going to the restroom is not a regular topic of discussion, but its worth discussing at least once. I bug my roomie all the time trying to have these talks....and she calmly likes to ignore me as most people that I know...HOWEVER, I have learned over the years, that when I am healthier, eating right and exercising that I "use" the restroom more often. But here are my findings...

 I am not endorsing anyone or anyone's products. Please feel free to do your own research!

Maybe you read the title and thought to yourself, “what? Who keeps track of that?” But poop, you will soon learn, is very important. How often you go is a big indicator of the health of your colon and digestive system.
That is because poop is the end result of processed foods.  What you poop and how often, therefore, depends on what you eat. But there is even more to it than that, because your body cannot correctly process food without a healthy colon and digestive system.
A healthy colon and digestive system, including the stomach, and large and small intestines, has certain features. The first feature is the presence of happy, healthy enzymes that break down food, move it through the body, and increase the amount of nutrients absorbed. The second important feature is the lack of sticky mucus or old, rotting, unprocessed food or fecal matter.
If your intestines, stomach, and colon don’t have these two features, chances are, you will be backed up, constipated, and feeling tired and weak. Or, you might be fluctuating between constipation and diarhea, or fighting irritable bowel syndrome, dysbiosis, or other health problems.
But what constitutes constipation? How will you know if you are regular or inconstant? How often should you be pooping?
While everyone has a different body, with a unique physiology, it is still considered constipation if you poop less than twice a day. I know that seems like a bit much. Western doctors only recommend pooping once a day to be healthy and some people even think it is fine if you go only (EEK!) three times a week.
But, as a sign of good health, we at the Total Wellness Cleanse recommend pooping at least twice, if not three times, per day. Why? Because we believe that you should poop about as much as you eat each day. This means your body is processing foods and moving them through the body without any plugging or difficulty.
When food is moving through the body this efficiently, none of it is rotting in the colon for fungi or parasites to feed on. Food processed this quickly also is not breaking down the walls of the intestine, causing food to leak into the blood, and creating toxicity in a process called leaky gut syndrome. Leaky gut syndrome is a major health concern and may even be linked to lupus, asthma, and other allergic reactions.
When food is moved quickly and efficiently through the body, its toxicity and danger to you is very minimal. Instead, the quick passage can be attributed to a healthy digestive system and colon, as well as the presence of friendly, helpful enzymes. And both a clean healthy body, and the presence of enzymes, mean that you are absorbing the maximum amount of healthy nutrients from your food.
In conclusion, I know its no fun to think about pooping, but what is the big deal? Everyone does it, and it is a big indicator of your health, so it is quite natural to be concerned about what comes out of your body, and how often, regarding poop. So please, take care and stay regular by eating enough raw fruits and vegetables to keep your colon and digestive system happy and healthy.