We have come a long way

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Good Morning Everyone!!! I will begin this message with a disclaimer!!!

~~~~Disclaimer: We are all entitled to our own opinions. We all have different experiences in life, were raised differently, lived in different parts of the country and are just down right different because that's how God made us. So you are entitled to your opinion on this post, but this is MY opinion.~~~

Now that we've settled that...let's talk. As you can see this morning I untwisted my hair from a Two-Strand twist that I styled for my youtube page last night. As I am getting on the garage elevator a woman runs to reach the elevator. After we ar both safely inside the elevator we begin a little chat. Nothing serious. We are in the 2nd set of elevators when she looks and says..."your hair is really cute. Its very pretty. I like it." I smiled really big and said thank you sooo much. I did it last night.

She kept looking as if she wanted to say more or ask more questions, so I just started telling her more about the process and how it will look by day 4 and told her to look for me so she could see the transformation. She laughed and motioned her hands like I would have an afro in 4 days...I laughed and said yes ma'am it will be big. We got off the elevator and went our separate ways.
****Yes this is a black/white conversation****
Now before today I have encountered alot of women in the restroom that look at my hair and seem hesitant about commenting because it seems like they: 1. Don't know what to say w/o offending me, 2. Are afraid to say something 3. or they just dont think its appropriate to talk about it because we are in a work environment. I have a tendancy where when I see people looking at my hair "I" make the first comment to make it easier for them to talk or express what they are thinking. I have experienced negative stuff in my past with Caucasian individuals, but I've experienced even more with people of my own race...so you just brush it off and move on. So when it comes to my hair especially at work, I have ALOT of caucasian women asking me questions or looking at me in awe. When I started wearing my twists I saw a lady looking at me...and my first comment was....Want to touch it? She said YES! I let her touch my hair and then she began asking questions. I answered all of her questions the best I could and told her to look for me next week because I would be wearing a new style. Another older lady told me she never knows what to expect with my hair...so I told her..find me tomorrow...Imma switch it  up for you. And she DID! I saw her looking for me and I showed her my new do!!! It made it sooo easy to talk to her.

We all recognize that there has been a time in our history where we as African Americans have been oppressed as well as other races...and some are still enduring the struggle today...but I am a firm believer that "yesterday does NOT dictate today." I can not make someone pay for what someone else did. I do know that caucasian americans do not have the same hair texture as we do and that it sorta makes them uncomfortable asking questions, so I figured why not just tell them what they wanna know. One its keeps from things being "awkward," it educates them, and then you can possibly make a new friend...or get promoted at your job...never know who is listening to you or who they will tell about your friendliness or whatever they may have felt being with you for that moment...not to mention...its easy to witness to someone about the love of Jesus. (I won't preach..just saying).

So the next time you encounter a nice individual who looks at your hair...just talk to them...educate them...you never know...your next BREAKTHRU might be as a result of you opening your mouth!!!