The Two Men That I Love

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Hey Chicas!! This is my baby Eddie!!! Yes he is the size of Roger Rabbit, but runs as slow as a turtle, unless my roommate Chelsea is in the room..then he's faster than Roadrunner. (They have a love/hate relationship.) Eddie is my 2nd cat. My old boss in Kentucky told me she had a little of kittens and felt like Felix(my older cat) needed a playmate. I remember going to her home and looking at all the kitties. Eddie was in a corner, to himself crying...immediately I took him. Little did I know what he would be like. He's definitely not a people person. He usually doesn't come out of my room unless I am home, he doesn't want to be petted by anyone but me. He talks ALOT...and I mean ALOT. He will meow for absolutely no reason. He's not hungry, doesn't want to be petted...he just enjoys talking. He's extremely over-weight...but are most americans so he's just fitting in. lol. Recently, I had a friend pray for him and lay hands on him...and Praise God Eddie has begun his transformation. He comes out of the room, when I am not home...he has spent a LITTLE time with the roomie Chelsea and doesnt run as much when people come around as he use to. (I had to hold him down for this pic) lol

If Ty Francis EVER makes it back to Wood St. I think Eddie would like to say somethings to him. Mr. Francis visited our residence about 8 months ago. He had been schooled on my cats by ME and I CLEARLY explained that Eddie doesnt like people, and that he must be cool and calm around him. WELL!!!! *in my Antoine Dodson voice* As I am cleaning the house with my door open, Eddie decided to spend some time getting some fresh air in front of the door. ALL OF A SUDDEN I see Eddie running like he was a horse in the Kentucky Derby, HITS the wall and almost knocks himself unconscious....Mr. Francis had decided to run faster than a speeding bullet towards the door to scare my cat. Needless to worked. So he hasn't been invited back. Call PETA on him!!!
This is Felix!!! Look at him!! He's sooo cute!! And BLACK!!! hahahahaha. How I acquired Felix is pretty funny. I went to a yard sale with my nephews to find a bookshelf. Didn't find a bookshelf, but I saw this cat in a cage outside FULL of dogs. I was like "what the world is that cat doing in there.?" I asked if I could pick him up...they agreed. By the time I had picked him up and got him close enough to my body he had clawd my hands and arm to blood...immediately I said "I'll take him." Ask me why...I dunno. Sooo...Felix has the personality of a dog. He plays fetch with Candy...his favorites are "Halls" *yea the medicine, he like how it feels once he's gotten the paper wet and the tingly feeling gets to his mouth* He's my daytime boyfriend. He follows you around the house everywhere you go, including the restroom. If you're cooking he stands nearby to wait for something to fall on the ground...or for you to have food on the edge of the counter for him to knock off (Shamece had to learn the hard, but when its nighttime....he doesnt mind being where you are..he just doesnt want you to touch him..or he'll bite you down to the bone...TERRIBLE.

Just wanted to introduce you to some important people (yes they ARE people) in my life, as we share this Natural Journey together!!! And Until Next Time...Keep that lip gloss poppin