Transitioning to Natural

9:01 AM Keenya Kelly 0 Comments

Hey Ladies! I have been conversing with alot of you ladies, and realize that not everyone desires to do the BC - Big Chop, but some of you would rather stop relaxing and grow your hair out. I want to inform you that there is no right or wrong way to go natural. Some ladies do the BC and immediately wear their hair out, some wear wigs after the BC, one of my girlfriends has just been cutting every 4 - 6 weeks, while other ladies I know have stopped getting relaxers and are treating their hair.
Crystal - A Beautiful Sistah that helped encourage me to go natural
The first time I attempted to go natural, I stopped getting relaxers and flat ironed my hair everyday. I wasn't skilled in the art of hair before going natural or it was a struggle for me. I was very uneducated and wasn't clued into youtube at all. So after 5 months of no relaxers I went ahead and got one again. Less then a year later I decided I was going to try again...4 months into the process I could no longer go without a I decided to just cut it all off. Was I scared ABSOLUTELY...did I have self conscious moments and want to not make it to my girls house to have her already know the answer. But I went ahead and went. I know everyone is not brave enough to just cut off all of their hair and start over...and I want to let you know that you don't have to!!!

Ladies, I will be posting blogs from women who transitioned to Natural versus the BC so that we can help you all through this journey!!!! It doesnt have to be a death just be a breath of fresh air!!

Until Next Time....Keep that Lip Gloss Poppin