Scarf Season

9:58 AM Keenya Kelly 0 Comments

Its' Scarf Season in the 804!!!
Hey Ladies!! Don't you just love my scarf? Even if you say no, (only because you're a hater) I LOVE IT! (hahahahahahahahaha lol). When I moved to VA from KY I think I owned 1 scarf...and it was just to keep was NOT cute!! But, I noticed that everyone here LOVES scarfs. So I decided to become a follower of the trend and I absolutely love them! This scarf I bought on a Cruise Ship 2 years ago with a Neon Green one...its cute! So get some scarfs for your wardrobe!!!
and if all else fails....KEEP THAT LIP GLOSS POPPIN

*Shout out to my sis Chelsea...who keeps trying to get her hands on this if you see her wearing it...its MINE*
You'll be hearing from her soon...beautiful sistah