People really are awesome

3:37 PM Keenya Kelly 0 Comments

So...once again this will be a brief interruption from Natural Hair..but I had to take some time and share this. I of course am at work today...went by a co-workers desk and was FORCED to eat a Sugar Cookie!
NOW...I know most of you all are like ewww Sugar Cookies...and yea I was thinking the exact same thing...but the girl that made them was looking at me so I had to keep my composure. So I grabbed a cookie, tore a piece and placed it in my mouth...FOLKS...I was surprised. You know we all are use to those sugar cookies that are crazy hard..with the green and red shiny sprinkles. LOL This cookie was amazing! It was soft, melted in your mouth man! Now I don't even enjoy sweets/desserts like that...but to top it off the young lady began telling me WHY she made these cookies and I did everything but give her the biggest hug.

She agreed to share here it is:

"I made two dozen holiday cupcakes for all of my mom’s nurses at the cancer institute. Then my best friend, Betsy, and I made over 80 sugar cookies and icing from scratch. It took almost the entire day, but when we were finished baking we delivered the cookies around town to our friends for their good behavior this year! RTD made the list as well"
Just incase you didnt catch that, her mom had been going through a process with cancer...and she is WINNING...PRAISE GOD!!!! HE IS SUCH A HEALER! So they decided to make all those cookies for people at the Insitute and then for folks around town!! How sweet is that!!! I just really love people!!!