Pardon this interruption...FOOD INTERMISSION

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Ladies Ladies Ladies!!! I know you all are wondering why I have a photo of Green Beans on a Natural Hair Blog...and the truth is because...IM HUNG-GARY and I Love Green Beans. And since this is my blog I can pause for an intermission. hahahahahahaha *takes breath* hahahahaha. I asked my girl Tricia how she makes fresh green beans..because I know she is health conscious, but still a food lover. She gave me the recipe and then decided...while I am at church that she wants to go ahead and make green beans for lunch..and tease me with a pic!!! "Thou Shall NOT tease people while they are about to receive a word from God." (j/k) Looks good huh? I know...that's why I had to take this intermission. If you're interested here is her recipe...don't publish it..because we WILL come after you in court. lol.

Start with fresh green beans from the market downtown (Richmond, VA), yum. I usually prepare mine in the wok by blending evoo (Extra Virgin Olive Oil, fresh garlic & onions then toss in the beans adding sea salt, pepper, cayenne pepper, just before it's done I add a little soy sauce & sesame oil. Fold everything a few times & serve. crunchy & full of flavor.

Then I am at work today and my girl Kim decides to bring in some food. Now...I am not a dessert or sweet kinda girl. I only bake because I know my friends, family and one day my hubby will want when she came to my desk with the bowl..I just took one just because I really like her and wanted to try out her creation...FOLKS...I marched back to her desk and grabbed two more pieces!!!!! YUMM-O (in the words of Rachel Ray). "Chocolate Bark - White Chocolate' LOVE IT *in  my high pitch voice*

Here is her Recipe:

Melt 20-24 ounces of white chocolate in the microwave (mine took about 2 minutes).
I used a bag and a half – only because I was making two batches out of three bags. Stir in 1 heaping teaspoon of cake mix powder (straight from the box – do not make the actual cake batter!)
Stir in ¾ - 1 cup of rice crispy cereal. Pour over wax paper on a cookie sheet, add sprinkles, refrigerate until hard, and then break into pieces. Done and done!
Enjoying the Bark
SN: The average american gains 7 pounds during the
Christmas Holiday. 


  1. Ladies and Gentleman...introducing KIM!!! The maker of the Chocolate Bark!!!