My First Puff

9:44 AM Keenya Kelly 0 Comments

Hey Ladies!!! Here is my newest style. I had a Two - Strand Twist from last week...and overtime my hair "evolved" into a fro. This morning I didn't know what to do with it...I didn't want a Frohawk...but I remembered watching a youtube video of a girl and I figured..hey...what the heck, lets try it.

So I used one of my old ouchless headbands by Goody! I have had the headbands for quite some time so it is pretty stretched out. I put a little water on my hands. Put it on the edges of my hair until it was nice and wet...not drippy...but just wet enough.

Put on some Let's Jam on the front, sides and in the back. Not a whole lot..but enough for the curls to begin to form...then I put on Eco-Styler. "You know the green can find that at Sally's or Wal-Mart, just like every other item  I am mentionting today.
Then I took the headband..put it around my neck..then twisted it a 2nd time...because its stretched I had to a double time with it. lol. Placed it around my hair and just pushed it back until it was the puff of choice.
I put a little Eco-Styler on the baby hair..just to add a little something to it. (Got that from Sheacocoaluv from youtube).
And thats it folks!!! Look for the youtube video to come!!