Leticia and her journey

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Leticia from Sunny California
Hey Everyone!!! I've been conversing with Leti for a few months now on some different issues, and it appears that the issue of Light VS Dark skin has really hit home for her. I've known her for some years as we were business partners, but I never would have guessed this was an issue for her. I am going to let you in on our conversation. It may come across a little jumbled, but you will understand how she feels and be PROUD of her for being willing to share. I know I AM!

"I was hanging out with a young lady that was new to the family. She went with me one day to have lunch with my sister "the dark one". My sister comes out of the office and the girl says to me, "omg I didn't know you were black" lmbo. Can you believe that? Oh that did some damage to my black ego. Still I'm not light. I'm brown. I'm brown. Lol. I chose the darkest man I could to have kids with. I don't date light skinned men. I don't like the light skinned good hair man that a lot of women are attracted to. Give me a beautiful BLACK man anytime. But even with all that my kids still ended up with a good hair/bad hair , light skinned, dark skinned complex. they all have different skin tones and different hair. So my thing is to teach them that we are all different and there is no good or bad hair. They are all different shades of the same beautiful black."

"My little sister is so beautiful to me. She has always been called the dark one. Her skin is very brown and she has jet black beautiful hair that falls way down her back. I don't think anyone has ever challenged her blackness. Me? I went overboard trying to prove how black I was. I permed and straighten my hair. I hated my tight curls. I looked like a poodle. Please remind me to send you a picture. Oh wow those curls. I was dying to straighten my hair because that is what black was to me. Perms and hot combs."

"I don't think I see myself as others see me. I don't consider myself light skinned. Carmel machiatto is how I describe my skin tone. Lol. My kids don't even consider me black. My son asked me if I put on make up to look darker. Well no but I guess that's the effect it has. I remember walking down the street one day and I passed two black girls. One said to the other, "theses light skin B's are making me feel even darker". Wow. That hurt my feelings. Light skinned? Not me. B? That was harsh. Why do I have to be called out of my name because of how I look? Something I can't even control."

"I was telling my dad about your blog today and he said to me like always your not black. Your only half. He always says that. He's mexican so he always felt like I was rejecting the mexican side of me. But I consider myself a black woman. I still will never say I'm light skinned. What is everyone talking about? Sorry I'm doing this in pieces. You can put it together however you want. Lol. But I can tell you for as long as I can remember I have been teased about not being black. By black people ironically. Like somehow I was being locked out of a club. Lol. I felt like JJ on that episode of Good times where he's yelling, Come back I'm black. Come back I'm black."

"Ok this picture did not help my I'm not light skinned argument. This is my nephew Lorenzo. They call him so fine. Lol. So he is the cutest of all the boys they say. Can you guess why? DeVante and Lorenzo have said that they do not like black girls and especially not dark ones. That killed me. I said how can u say you don't like black girls? Your mother is a black girl. Black girls are not attractive. They have nappy hair. Our own kids saying this. It doesn't bother my sister but I hate that attitude. You can date who you want but how can you exclude girls just because they are black? Devante has since reversed that decision. His girl friend is a black girl with yes "nappy" hair. She is also a sweet girl with a 4.0 gpa who loves to read and thinks my son is the best thing since sliced bread. My point is that the struggle with light and dark skin and good and bad hair is one that we share with our boys and men. My struggle is to get my sons to see how beautiful our black women are. Can I be honest? I only want me sons to date black women. It would really break my heart if he brought home a white girl. (Gasp) or even a latin one. Can I say that its tough to love yourself when everyone and everything around you says your not their idea of pretty. Do I have "good hair"? I don't know. That's what they say. But I'm a slave to it. I want to cut it but people tell me I'm crazy if I do. Am I light skinned? I say no. But I'm one of the blackest people I know. Lol. Am I still learning to love myself? Absolutely. One step at a time."

..............................nothing else to say.....but wow!