Two Strand Twist

10:16 PM Keenya Kelly 0 Comments

Hey Chica's! It's 11pm and I am up doing my I did a co-wash with Jane Carter Conditioner, put Castor Oil in my hair with the 2nd set of Conditioner and placed a plastic bag on my head for about 3 hours. Washed it out. Placed my FAV leave-in Giovanni Direct - Leave In...and got some soft shea Butter.
I just grabbed small sections of my hair, combed from end to root, applied shea butter and twisted from root to end. I didn't part my hair I just grabbed pieces.
I'll show the results tomorrow!!!
Woke up this morning (singing...woke up this morning with my minddddd...seetttttt on Jesus...ok I'm back. lol), placed coconut oil on my hands and began to untwist. As the oil left I replenished and kept just doing a basic untwist. You can leave it or you can separate more. I didn't separate more, because as you go about your day and let the air and things hit your hair it will sorta morph! I will sleep with a cap, and the next day put coconut oil again....gotta keep it moisturized and shiny. By like day 4 it will have grown into an afro...Ill update more though. This is the absolutely easiest style in the WHOLE WORLD! Love ya'll and keep that lip gloss poppin.