Reflecting on my process...It IS a process!!!

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MARCH  2010
This was a major day for me...and I didn't even realize it! This was the first time I was asked to host The Spirit Lounge at The University of Richmond, I knew that I wanted to look pretty...but I had no idea that it would boost my natural confidence to another level. I told you all that I use to really have a problem with my self-esteem and although I've progressed mightily since my college years, cutting my hair set me back quite a bit. I didn't have luscious goldilocks hair, but what I had was mine!! I loved it...I took pride in my hair. When I would go to the salon and get my hair done, I felt beautiful to look in the mirror and see that I no longer would have the curls down to my ears, be able to push the hair out of my face or just wrap my hair at night was a bit of a shock. But on this day, my stylist Tyree decided to do something different to my hair. I was confident in her abilities and agreed not to look or touch my hair until after he was completely finished. I remember looking in the mirror, and at that moment I felt something take over. Something said to my...Keenya you really are beautiful. Look at your skin, your lips, your slanted eyes, your nose, ears and teeth..although I am missing a few due to years of Gummi Bears.hahahahaha. I crack myself up!!! Ok Ok I'm back!!!!
(The Glory of the LORD rests on them thangs!! *singing* We lift our hands in the sanctuary!!! We lift our hands to give you the GLORY!!! *TING*)
I remember walking into The Pier to set up, and the expressions I received from my peers. Elizabeth was the first person...she looked at me in amazement and told me I looked amazing...I didn't think I needed it, but I did. Then my favorite Man of God in VA Trokon Freeman, he didn't know who I was at first...I looked at him again and his expression was priceless. He was the only man that night that actually looked me in my face and told me that I looked beautiful. DISCLAIMER - No I am not dating him, nor do we like one another. He's a great brother, an honest brother...Love him. Shout out to Tro. But something from that moment...just set me off! I was determined to learn my embrace what I had been blessed with and not look to others for their opinions. Now i love everyone, especially my friends...I was and am determined to not allow myself to be defined by how people think i should be, how I should look/behave...or what I am going to do next. 

So I write this blog sistahs to say....whether you are natural, or relaxed, tall or short, Slim or Bless in the City, Field or the Country....that it's time to embrace yourself. Look in the mirror and learn to love what you see. Stop worrying about other people, because deep down...some of them don't like what they see in the mirror and will be inspired by you. I haven't been told in these exact words, but I am 100% sure that me EXPOSING myself to the world, is encouraging someone! Even if it's just one of you sistahs or brothas...I salute you. You don't ever have to say a word to me, comment on my blogs, or follow desire is to just reach that one sistah that needs encouragement. I love you all...stay growing...
.....Until next time.....Keep that Lip Gloss Poppin


  1. Kenee Payne November 17 at 1:52pm
    where can I find some of the products you mentioned at? ( ic gel activator, shea butter, coconut oils, etc.) I went to sally's and I wasnt happy with what they had. Now I do use Cantu shea butter leave in condition repair, but is it the same as the shea butter you talking about? Thanks!

  2. Kenee Payne November 17 at 2:13pm
    no im still transitioning. I dont do much to mines but wash it once every two weeks and condition it. I do put olive oil on it to keep it shining. Im a stay at home mom so my hair doesnt get combed everyday AND its tooo thick to comb. I am going to wear some braids until I can grow as much of this perm out. I am pregnant so my hair is growing like crazy. Im thinking next year after i give birth I will cut off the remaing perm. My six yr old is natural and I am practicing on her hair so I can get an idea of what to do with mines when I cut it off. When you say whole food market what is that? Do you use an activator on your hair for curls? My baby wants to wear her hair slick back with a head band, but her fro is not curling.

  3. OMG did I ever respond to you??? Kenee??