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Ladies and Gentleman! Thank you so much for visiting my blog. I have received a substantial amount of questions to my facebook page, and through text messages; I would like to encourage you to keep asking. You can Add me on Facebook: Keenya Kelly Griffin. I have a Fan Page Kinky Keenya, or you can email me at: When I was thinking of going natural, transitioning and then after the BC I had ALOT of questions and didnt know where to turn. So I encourage you to ask EVERYTHING you want to know. I will repost the questions on my blog WITHOUT your name and answer the question so that the others can have the answers as well. I don't know what you need, if you dont tell me. Bless You again for choosing to spend time on my blog!!!
SN: Over 100 View have occured on "What Men think about Natural Hair!" And there are a host of other men that will be responding soon....if you have questions for them, please submit them...they will GLADLY answer. Surprisingly they REALLY want you ladies to understand what they think...