One Year Anniversary/Natural Hair Party

9:12 PM Keenya Kelly 2 Comments

Hey Ladies!! Today November 20, 2010 is my One Year Natural Anniversary! My girl Brandi aka Thikandkurly on youtube, hosted her first Natural Hair Party!! We had an absolute blast...I learned alot, got to meet some really sweet women with beautiful hair. We all brought our different products and explained our regimines and learned new techniques as well as dos and dont's of Natural Hair Care. One of the main things I learned about what not using products with Sulfate, Alcohol or propylene glycol (details on dos and donts coming soon). Of course we ate really good food...including some awesome meatballs! :) 
 That's my I'm getting it in face....(washing hair)
And we ended the night by styling 3 young ladies whom are still learning through their natural process. 
My next blog I will share how I feel about my One Year Anniversary!! Bless You!

Here I am talking about the blog, my products, as well as my journey and the journey's of other women.

Brandi discussing the importance of a satin pillow case.


  1. Lol you do have the "i'm getting it" face! Praise God for the Partay!!!

  2. LOL!!!! Yea Praise God for the party!!! Send me pics from Arika