New Style Part 4

1:01 PM Keenya Kelly 1 Comments

Tah Dah!!! Here is the finished product after it dries! I woke up this was a little packed in, so I went it with my spray bottle full of water. I didnt't soak my hair, just went it enough to be able to pull at my hair. I went the front a lot more..because the curls weren't as defined as the back. The I wet the sides a little more, added more gel and pinned them up with bobby pins. I'm still learning how to pin and all that this is my first time....but I think it turned out well. I am going to invest in more hair accessories, and you could ad a flower to this, bobby pins or decorative pins...or nothing at all. I am going to leave this is for a few days and watch it grow due to the humidity and you know how our hair does after a few yeah...if you have questions please feel free to ask on the blog..and please follow me!

Videos to come...

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