New Style Part 2

10:31 PM Keenya Kelly 0 Comments

So...I Co-Washed my hair. (Conditioner washed it instead of Shampoo.) Fun fact: our hair needs moisture...contrary to when we had relaxer we put grease or oil on it...our natural hair needs WATER and to be moisturized. Shampoo is good ONCE a shampooing too often will strip your hair. Sounds look it don't have to take my word for it. lol. So You can condition wash your hair as often as you like...ok..I'm back 
I used Jane Carter's Conditioner, I washed it three times because it had been almost 2 weeks since I changed my hair style from the twist. Immediately after showering, I put jojoba oil that I got from the Vitamin Shoppe in my hair and massage it into my scalp, then I took Coconut Oil that I got for the Whole Food Store in as well. Then I sprayed Jane Carters leave-in conditioner and then applied my FAV conditioner Giovanni's Leave-in. LOVE IT!!! *in my high pitched voice* lol. Then I parted my hair with a rat-tail comb into 4 section....i.e picture above!!! 
****Check out the curls as the only thing in my hair so far is conditioner****