My FAV Leave-In Conditioner

10:28 AM Keenya Kelly 0 Comments

Here is my favorite Leave-In Conditioner. I got the idea from my girl Crystal Hollins (shout out). I know alot of you all wash your hair, and get to the part where you are ready to style, and the process feels like the little girl on the "The Color Purple" movie getting her hair combed! lol. It doesn't have to be that bad! So Giovanni has beeb a true Blessing...for real. I put this on my hair and its like combing through straight hair...well But it REALLY help and keeps my hair moisturized. I LOVE this product!! If you buy it MAKE SURE you get Leave-In DIRECT...there is a difference. I bought it at Target. So if you all see me on a Target know why!!! Shout out to *Kenee* Keep going girl!!! Keep going! Love ya'll