Monica Part 3...The Results and Her Journey

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I love being natural but three years ago I had no idea what being natural meant! When I was relaxed I would stretch my touch ups 4 to 6 months. When I decided to go natural it wasn't because I hated being relaxed, I just wanted to do something different. I was inspired by Shauntelle's hair and she encouraged me to visit several hair sites and you tube videos. There I learned how to do the twist n curl or tnc.  That was my favorite style during my year long transition.  While on youtube I also learned about using part apple cider vinegar and part water to clarify my hair instead of using shampoo. I do that about once per month to remove build up. During my transition people would ask me when I was going to do my big chop and I would say in December because that was far away and I was scared of having short hair. December came and I met you and you had just big chopped and I told you that I was going to BC too on December 31st. On December 30th I still had no appointment or plans to BC when I received a text from you that said there was one day left in the month and you looked forward to seeing my cut. Even though I had no appointment to BC your text was like an accountability kick in the butt!  Since my mother. had given me a  gift certificate to a stylist I called and made an appointment for the next day. At first I decided to keep it to my self and surprise everyone but the secret was too much to contain so I told Shauntelle and my mother.  That day I curled my long hair one last time and went out to hang out with friends. On my BC day my appointment started two hours late and the waiting period made me questions, "Am I really going to do this?" When I got in the chair however, a boldness came over me and I kept telling the stylist, who was also natural, to cut it shorter and shorter. When she was finished I felt light and I loved it even though it looked nothing like what I imagined. All of the positive comments from my family and friends helped boost my confidence as well. Today, I co wash with hello hydration and deep condition with extra virgin olive oil. I look forward to trying grapeseed extra and jojoba oil. I still visit hair sites and youtube videos to learn new tips and info.
I heart JC

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