Monica Part 2

7:57 PM Keenya Kelly 2 Comments

Soooo Monica transitioned for one year and is now upon her one year anniversary of her Big Chop!! Now....MONICA has NOT combed her hair in FOREVER!!! (Bad Bad Monica). She has never worn a twist out....EVER.. HOWEVER, Monica has treated her hair with ALL NATURAL products, with the exception of Herbal Essences Hello Hydration Conditioner!!! She is very knowledgeable of products and we will be learning a lot from her.
Here is Monica with her hair parted in 4 Sections

 Two Strand Twists
Stay Tuned Tomorrow


  1. Can you tell us what you did to her hair?? Like what products? Details please!!!

  2. With Monica's Hair I Co-Washed it with Herbal Essence Hello Hydration. Did a slight towel dry, put Jojoba oil on her hair....just a little. Then Giovanni Direct Leave-in conditioner. I parted it into the four sections leaving one out of the braid. Then I grabbed small sections of hair, saturated it with Shea Butter and did a Two-Strand Twist. That just twisting to ends together all the way to the ends. I did that in all 4 sections. She let it air dry and took it out the next day. NOTE: You can just undo the twist and let it go, or you can undo the twist and separate the hair all the way out. I usually just under the twists and over a few days it separates, so i can get more life out of the style over a week. Each day after you have untwisted I normally put coconut oil on my hands and put it on my hair and scalp.