Meet Akisha as she shares her hair Journey!!!

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My hair story…

I decided to go natural in 2005.  I spent some time going back and forth about going rocking a barber cut, it's something I wanted to do but was a little worried about me looking too masculine, that it would be ugly, and all of those things that come into your head when you do something different.  So one morning, I went to my standing Saturday appointment with my barber and when I sat down in the chair, I looked at him in the mirror and said "take it all off".  He looked at me and said, "you sure?" "Yep!" and there it went.  I looked at the floor and saw my lovely reddish brown hair falling all over the place, and I was thinking omg, I'm going to have to go to the wig store, omg what have I done?!?!?  I was nervous, but there was something liberating about hearing those clippers next to my head.  When it was all finished, I had my own little bald fade, wavy and all, I walked out of the barbershop like a new woman.  But, my temptation with relaxer didn't stop there.  I permed my hair one more time after I went bald, trying to knock the waves out of my hair, still trying to have that straight slick look, and that whole thing became a mess!  I burned my scalp and forehead with the relaxer, my then-boyfriend-now-husband turned it into a huge joke and said I looked like I had a helmet on my head-I couldn't help but laugh at myself right along with him, because I defeated the whole purpose of shaving it all off.  It took about 3 weeks for my scalp to heal and for my hair to grow out enough to shave the perm out, and from there it was on and popping, I've been natural ever since. I've worn all kinds of styles, and it has been fun-it's given me a confidence that has really been like no other, and really helped me to unlock some hidden creativity. I've bc'd twice in the last 5 years, not thinking twice about it, fully knowing that it would grow back again. The first time I bc'd, I had been growing my hair for about 1 year and I wanted to go back to that sexy barber cut that really gave me a lot of confidence, so from earlobe length I went back to bald and wore that until 2008 when I started letting it grow out, wearing braids, pony puffs, and even locing for about 9 months.  Two years of growth resulted in bra strap length hair.  I think locing for those few months really promoted the growth. The last bc, which was about a month ago and ongoing, was because I tried to pretend like heat was a better alternative to relaxer, and that couldn't have been further from the truth! I started flat ironing the early part of this year, and pretty much wore straight hair for the majority of 2010.  All of that growing, all of the coils and curls and waves came to a halt when it became plain that I hair basically cooked my hair to death with the flat irons.  After one too many failed attempts at wearing ponytail puffs that wouldn’t get kinky and two strand twisting straight, lifeless, limp ends that wouldn't curl or even stay twisted, I found myself standing in my bathroom with scissors ready to end the misery-that day, many inches of hair went straight in the bathroom sink-I wasn't sad to see them go, I was free lol!


  1. Praise God! That's my cousin Kisha!!!! I'd love to do a story on you..if you're willing to share.