Latia Powell and Her Big Chop

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My natural hair journey has been quite difficult.  This is my 5th time going natural, yes I said 5th!!!  I have 4c type hair, so it is extremely kinky and it takes alot of work to find a curl pattern, my hair has the "z" pattern.   The first time 2 times I  wore a texturizer, and absolutely loved it.   Times 3, 4, were disasters.  My hair was so kinky it could not be parted.  I would cry at night when my mom would try to braid it for me.  In order to wear an afro, I would have to use a blow dryer, and electric hot comb in order for it to look like an AFRO.  The products that I was using didn't make my hair maneagable, so I ended up perming it each time.  This time its already different.  I had been wearing sew ins for about 4 months or so, and noticed I had alot of new growth.  I really felt led to cut it this time, and that this time it was going to work.  I was told to watch some video's on youtube that talked about products and keenya told me about some as well.  Before, I never knew anything about doing cowashes, or twist sets that would help make the hair maneagable... I just did the best that I could.  This time my hair is already growing tremendously and is VERY manageable.  I'm excited about my journey!
Tia and Brandi(Co)
My routine now consist of cowashing and twisting every 2 - 3 days.  Cowash with Herbal Essence Hello hydration a couple of times, then I apply my leave in - "Knot Today" by Kinky Kurly.  From there I add my coconut oil mix, which is coconut oil, almond oil, olive oil and jojoba oil.  I take all natural shea butter, part my hair and twist it all the way to the ends.  That night - to retwist it, I wet it with my hair spritz which is rosewater, almond oil and olive oil.  No need to add more shea butter because its still moist from the night before.

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