Keenya Gets a Salon of Her Own

8:52 AM Keenya Kelly 0 Comments

Hey Ladies!! I am overwhelmingly excited to announce that God has instructed me to turn my Home Office, into a Hair Salon. Now...get this. Until I went natural I NEVER touched another woman's head in my life....*deer caught in headlights look.* But I have been blessed to have 2 young ladies that I know, that do an excellent job with Natural Hair and potentially a Nail Tech. How amazing is this!!!! So umm....sistah girl needs help! I have an Interior Designer who will begin painting the room, but I have 0 tools. We would be need a lot of things! Products, Chairs, Scissors, Hair Clips....and of course...a Hair Dryer Chair.

If you know anyone willing to sow one into us, we would totally appreciate it. And if you are able to assist us, we would appreciate that as well. We will do alot more product reviews, videos, Before & After everything progresses!!! And if you would like to stop by the salon...we welcome you. Until then...Keep that lip gloss poppin!