Herbal Essence Product Review

8:27 PM Keenya Kelly 3 Comments

Hello Ladies!!! I bought a new product to test out..and I must say...I LOVE IT! I didn't use the shampoo since I only shampoo once a month..I have tons. I Co-washed my hair with the conditioner...my hair LOVED IT! It immediately curled up...and was very soft! I put a little Tea Tree Oil in and then my FAV Leave-In Giovanni Direct....as I sat down with the task of waiting for the leave in to kick in....I notice my comb was going straight through. This conditioner not only cost $5.00, smells amazing, but it detangled my hair immediately!!! Props to Herbal Essence.
Day 2: I notced that my twists were ALOT shorter, and my hair appeared oily, more than normal. So you will experience significant shrinkage with this product, and I don't think you need to add coconut oil to your hair immediately, maybe day 2 or 3, since the product contacts coconut oil. But I still really like it.


  1. So this review is not helping my product junkyism...lol! **I will not buy anymore conditioner until Garnier's Sleek and Shine is complete! Thanks for the review!

    Joi S.

  2. Look at the 2nd line..u mean u didnt use the shampoo right??? lol typos smh..this is chels by the way :-)

  3. Thanks Chelsea!! LOL!! Major Shrinkage!!!