Having a moment!! WOW

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Hey Sistahs. As I was posting the last comment for one of the fellas that shared his opinion on natural hair...I shared something with him. He told me that he had been checking my blog from time to time and felt that I was doing a great job. I thanked him, but immediately I felt a sense of pride arise. Not pride as in being egotistical and not of God, but being proud of myself. I'm 29 years of age and a great deal of my life I spent it trying to portray myself into something that would make people feel good, make them like me. I tried to make women not feel "threatened" by me because of my personality, the gift of people that God gave me, and my ability to just be myself with reservation; that like I said in a previous blog, I was beginning to lose myself. But as I write these blogs, everyday it feels like more of Keenya Kelly Griffin is coming out. I know most of you all can't see me, and you can only see and hear me through my blogs, facebook, or twitter....but when God told me to enjoy this journey with my hair, I had NO idea I would literally be the caterpillar turning into a butterfly. This is exactly how I feel and I wish you sistahs would have the same experience. I look in the mirror everyday, and just laugh. Because the me I use to see is no longer me....I was made in the image of God...and I see that. Not trying to preach to you...but each day I love myself a little bit more...and if you all need someone to be your cheerleader, I will gladly be that for you. So many of you all have inspired me, encouraged me, loved me and allowed me the time and space to grow and for that I'm appreciative.

~Who would have thought going Natural would make me feel the way that I feel right now?~

*Don't hate on my red ruffles; I was sexy then too...Baby Teeth and all*