Cheleah Part 2

10:13 PM Keenya Kelly 2 Comments

Tonight Cheleah came by and we had our first session. I washed her hair with Jane Carter Solution Shampoo and Conditioner. Her hair is majorly soft, I would guess a 3a or 3b; gorgeous hair. I immediately applied Coconut Oil, and Giovanni Direct Leave - in Conditioner. Then I applied the "Ecostyler" that we've been discussing and then I placed some curl activator gel (ill post that later). I used the curl activator so that the curls wouldn't be hard after it dried, since it was her first time getting it styled, but I had her buy all the products and if she feel comfortable, she can apply the Ecostyle without the curl activator gel. Here is out it turned out!!

She radiated with beauty and joy!! Her smile was much bigger as she touched her hair. I mean she's always pretty  happy and exciting...but her confidence began to grow every time she touched her hair! I loved every moment of it...U of R better watch out!! Cheleah is IN THE BUILDING!!! Chyea! lol


  1. Keenya- you are amazing!!! :] thank you so much for taking the time out to style my hair- i have to go get my products tomorrow!!! i love the pictures & have to document my naturalness. :]
    much love girl! i will be seeing you soon :]

  2. Love you too sis!! Definitely document!! It's so beautiful and it will inspire others!!!! *you whip yo hair back and forth*