3rd Product Review...Lustraslik Olive Oil Cholesterol

8:38 PM Keenya Kelly 0 Comments

Sooo... I heard about this products as I was doing a two-strand twist on a young ladies head. I had my Giovanni, but she suggested that it was better! It detangled her hair very well, and quickly. Another young lady  had some as well, so I decided to purchase it and try it on my hair. I Co-washed with Jane Carter like normal, put on jojoba oil, coconut oil and then this leave-in conditioner like I normally do. I did a two-strand twist and took the twist out the next day. My hair looked healthy, and shiny....but it also looked a little weighed down....but initially it wasnt too noticeable. It wasnt until I went out for a few hours and came home. Roomie asked me what happened to my hair....

I looked into the mirror and my front curls looked WET. Weight down...and my ends looked ROUGH and Frizzy! So, I re-twisted the front last night and untwisted this morning...the front looked a little better...but the rest just wasn't pretty. A natural girl me at church said my hair looked "different." and we all KNOW what that means. So I am sorry to say...my Name is Keenya Kelly Griffin and I dont approve use of this product. lol