Product Review for Jane Carter Solutions

2:19 PM Keenya Kelly 0 Comments

Hey Ladies...I know we ALL wanna know what products we should be using on our hair. There's Soooo many shampoo's, conditioners..blah blah blah, and we want to always get the best bang for our buck. Well...since this is my First Product review Ill take a few pics and post them later.
You can find this line at your local Target Store. It's usually found with the natural hair care products; not the largest section, but it's growing!!!
I'm going wash it with shampoo, condition it, put in the leave in conditioner and do a two strand twist with the "Nourish and Shine." ~I usually use Shea Butter for the two strand with lots of other stuff, but I am going to leave everything out except for just the products listed...stay tuned.