Ohhh the Revelations

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Hey Ladies! We have our 1st confession. After posting my first couple of Big Chop "emotions"  I received a message in my facebook inbox. Sistah don't worry about me putting you on blast, I wont say your name. She gave me permission to discuss what she wrote though. Here was her response to my first 3 posts about my BC:
                                  "I used to say I can't cut my hair. I'm like Sampson my strength is in my hair. Its what people notice about me you know? U have to have long flowing "good hair" right? Its amazing how we let something so superficial define us but I am really struggling with it. Am I being silly? I will tell you the problem. Whenever I get stressed, my hair falls out! So if my hair is falling out and that's what I have always felt was what made me pretty, am I no longer pretty? I even thought about getting a weave."

Her response SHOCKED me because she does have very beautiful hair, but I never would have imagined that she had a private struggle with this. Not that I needed to hear her say I am self-conscious (to an extent) or feel like I am not pretty without my hair, but I think hearing another woman say what I had felt was an ah ha moment. This young woman has GORGEOUS hair..BUT she is much prettier than her hair. I am not referring to her face. This young lady is passionate, loves her children, loves the man that is in her life (when there is man in her life), inspires her children, inspires her sister and is relentless. Who would have known that she felt like Sampson...but the truth is sooo many women struggle with it...and it easy to blame MTV, BET, LIFETIME(random had to throw lifetime in there...hahahaha), Beyonce, Halle Berry (just started singing *Ms. Berry, Halle Berry*), and all the other women that television portrays as beautiful, but truth be told there comes a time when you have to look in the mirror and say to yourself, ok THIS SUCKS! When these women go to bed they have to wash, tone, and moisturize their face, they have to wrap their hair or two-strand twist and sleep with a bonnet or satin cap just like we do...but if they looked in the mirror...they TOO would have to determine...does my hair make me beautiful...

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