Dr. Madison

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Hey Girlies!! Yesterday I was blessed to spend time with 
Dr. Asena Madison
Asena is a Mighty woman that I met at my church Mt. Gilead here in Richmond. I received a text from her earlier this week asking if I knew someone who could two-strand twist her hair...I gladly volunteered. Granted...up until yesterday I had only twisted my hair, with the products that work best for me, but I figured hey....why not give it a shot. I washed her hair with Elasta QP Shampoo and Condtioner...that was her choice of products. Immediately after I applied a nice amount of Jojoba Oil, and LOTS of Jane Carters Leave-In Conditioner, as well as a thick leave-in conditioner of her choice. (We used it mainly to detangle her hair). I parted her hair into 4 sections and began apply SOFT shea butter to small parts of her hair. I took two pieces of hair and began to twists. For a visual, it's like when you are putting a young girls hair in a pony til and you take two pieces, twist and twist into a barrette....same thing. I just made sure the hair was still wet (so keep your water bottle handy) and applied shea butter and twisted all the way to the ends and curled the ends with my finger. I repeated this pattern throughout the rest of her hair, and we let her sleep normal and in the morning she took the hair apart. Dr. Madison has been natural her ENTIRE life, and has BEAUTIFUL hair! Next style will be twists on the side of her head, two-strand twists into Bantu-Knots....Ill show you this on my hair in a video within the next week. (I'm learning people) Next time I will get a before, after and a better picture...I took this on my phone. 
If you're looking for more natural help, my favorites on www.youtube.com are 1) Thikandkurly, 
2) Nikkimae2003, and 3) shecocoaluv. They've been very helpful for me as I watched and listened. Til next time....luv ya...and keep that "Lip Gloss Poppin."