The Big Chop Pt 4

8:51 AM Keenya Kelly 2 Comments

And the Big Chop continues!!! So in pt3 I mentioned a "Private Struggle" and that struggle was wearing why hair with our major chemicals, like all the gels, headbands and anything and everything that would make my hair slick down. I know terrible...but I am just being honest. I didnt want to rock my TWA(Teeny Weeny Afro) I wanted it to grow fast like a Chia Pet so I could have my longer hair again....didn't happen. I was putting the gels in my hair trying to makes the little lines appear in the front that made it look like I hard "Good Hair." By the lines, I mean when you are natural and you put gel on your hair and slick it back you start seeing a wave pattern. I wore that for a few months....I didnt know what to do with my hair and I was being very lazy and wasn't taking the time to invest in researching my hair, and what to do to it. So eventually, I got Senegalese Twists. I hadn't worn extension since I think 1997, but I got them once because I possibly thought it would be cute and 2) because I still wasn't embracing my natural hair. I wore them for about two months and then it happened!!! The night I took the twists out I saw how long my hair had grown...I WAS AMAZED. So then I went on my Blackberry Natural Hair group and started asking questions. My girl Lana invested some time in teaching me about a few products and how to do a Two-Strand twist. (Thats in the photo at the bottom of my entire blog) So one Friday I did exactly what she said...took them out the next day and BAM!!! A new style and whole other level of confidence rose up. This time the only thing I was rocking was Shea Butter. I couldn't believe how fast my hair had grown, how sexy of a style it was and how confident I was in my hair. I went to the mall and PRAISE GOD I am not in a serious dating mode because I think I would have had one day each day for a few weeks. Point of the matter is....I began a love affair with my hair. That was back in July and I have been in love ever since sistahs! (I'll be discussing more products really soon, still testing them out on my hair..)