The Big Chop Pt 2

12:49 PM Keenya Kelly 0 Comments

I remember coming home..getting my eyebrows waxed, changing clothes, putting on make-up and walking into a lock-in with a BUNCH of folks from church as proud as I could be. You could have heard a pin drop as I walked in...I knew at that moment...that I was now Different. The girls all said omg...they touched my hair...looked me in the eyes and cut your hair.

The fellas looked with disappointment and shock..but I thought to myself I dont care...but truth be told...I did. It hurt to see their faces, that the only person that truly embraced me and my hair was a sistah Cece from church that had just gone natural as well. I wanted to leave and hide from everyone...but I was determined to embraced myself. Two days later I would appear for the first time in the pulpit at my church in front of thousands of people...I wasn't nervous but I hoped that I would get good responses from people...most people were in complete and utter shock...but as they approached me something in me began to rise up....CONFIDENCE. I have been a pretty confident person for some years now...but this was a different kind of confidence; now I was embracing myself without hiding behind my hair. Personally, I thought it was just hair....I mean because it really is/was just hair...but little did I know that it would take me on a whole new journey of learning and loving myself.