The Accidental Twists

12:28 PM Keenya Kelly 0 Comments

This is me traveling to Baltimore with my church's Youth Ministry to see the African American Museums. No, I did not go to a salon to have this done. "A sistah got the Glory of the Lord in her finger tips;" kidding...this happened by accident! I was sitting at my desk at work on day, and I couldn't stop touching my hair. (As you go natural, you will have a problem with keeping your hands out your hair as well.) I started twisting my hair as I spoke to customers on the phone. This went on for about an hour and a half. I got up to look in the mirror in the restroom and what I have done. It looked half way cute. So I ran back to my desk so that I didn't continue to look RANDOM with half twisted hair in my "corporate office" and another hour later this style manifested!! TAH DAH!!!!!