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Just Do It Keenya...

... Excerpt from the book "The Wait"

I'll never forget the feeling of "If I don't sleep with him, I'll lose him."

Has anyone ever felt like that? The pressure you feel is insurmountable, but what do you do when the pressure isn't from him, but from so-called friends and family?

That's my story...

Ill never forget visiting someone and right before exiting the house the "person" said,
don't wait too long Keenya. I turned around and said huh?

They said, if you don't someone else will!!

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. This was someone that should have seen my virginity as sacred as I saw it or greater... this was someone I thought I was EXTREMELY loved by and they LOVED Jesus.. so I thought. 

How could they tell me that?

How could they place such high value on him and such low value on me?

 But the truth is, this wasn't the first time I heard that... growing up I heard it A LOT and I mean A LOT. I even went to see my pastor once and he said "If you do it, God will forgive you."
I left there so hurt, shocked and disappointed. I wanted him to encourage me not to do it, to tell me how beautiful I was and my virginity was... not well if you do it, you'll be forgiven... because I didn't want to do, but my so-called friends and this other person was trying to convince me otherwise..

So guess what happened? 
There were times when I felt like well I probably should do it, because if I do,
I will keep him right?!?


A man that loves God will place a high level of value on sex just as much as you do. Although sex is GREAT, someone that really loves God won't leave you if you don't do it, but won't even bring it up trying to convince you to do it. Now I'm not saying he or she won't ever get weak... but just as you are hearing God talk to you providing you with ways of escape, they will also be hearing from God as well.. and will run like Hussain Bolt in an effort to please God. 

So what am I saying?

There's someone reading this and you are asking yourself if you should just do it... and I want to be that ONE voice telling you, NO YOU SHOULDN'T!!!

Everyone wants to have sex including you... BUT sleeping with them won't make them stay... because when you finish, they may just pick up and go home that night. 

Have faith in God that he has an amazing man or woman for you that will not only wait to have sex, but will place as much of a value on sex as you do. 

Be encouraged!!

Until Next Time... XOXO

Submission... Help Em Jesus

Hey Guys!!!! 

I'm super excited to chat with you all regarding this topic this morning. I was sitting here after the Keenya Kelly Morning Show and having breakfast when I stumbled upon this video with Devon Franklin and Meagan Good. 

************Whatever your opinion is on their relationship, its not valid here********

At first I found it hard to watch them because of the modesty controversy, but I realized that it was just a ploy to get me to judge them and not learn what I needed to learn from them. So my prayer is that you will look past what you THINK, and allow this message to bless you. 

So in this video Meagan talked about the challenges she had with submitting to her husband. She shared that it wasn't because he wasn't worthy of being submitted to, its just that her past, how she had to take control of her life herself and more than likely the fear or relinquishing control had her struggling in her marriage. 

So I write this post asking you this question: 

How do YOU feel about submission?

Now you don't have to answer this question in the comments or anything, but really sit down and think about it. We all desire a husband or a wife and say I can't wait for him to take the lead, I can't wait to be able to talk to my wife about everything and become this POWER COUPLE... but the power is truly in your relationship with Christ and willingness to obey God which includes the typical curse word submission

I remember in my previous marriage where I was gung ho about submission, but I realized early on that what Cornelius Lindsay calls it, "False Submission." I would say of course, yes that sounds amazing, lets do it, but secretly thinking... dude you're such an idiot I'm not doing that. Now I didn't call him an idiot, but you guys know what I mean.  However, I later realized the VALUE of being willing to submit to your spouse was an amazing blessing to you, your spouse, your marriage and your ministry. 

Even now, I know that God has been REALLY talking to me about getting re-married, my calling and having children in the near future.. if my sister is reading this she is probably saying...
 "OMG Keenya, I can't see you pregnant." Get over it Tiffany, its coming, sooner than later!! 
HAHAHA (I love my sister) 

With this conversation God and I are having I've begun asking for Gods help with submission to this new someone, when he appears. Why am I asking now? Because God can begin to download things into me, ways that I need to submit to God and areas I am going to have to submit to my husband. Like I'm no fool, I'm OK at business, but I have NO DOUBT..... this man is going to come along and rip my businesses and business practices to shreds and instead of fighting him and making it take longer than it needs to, I can begin working on some things NOW!! 

I've talked to God about FOOD! I know you're like what? FOOD?!? Yes FOOD!! You see we all like what we like, cook how we cook or don't cook, but when you enter into marriage you are going to have to cook according you TWO vs just you. He may not like the way I cook my eggs, he may not like how unorganized the fridge is, or that I wash clothes and leave them on the dryer for weeks at a time... or that my bathroom counters always have a million and one things on it... 

So with that in mind, I've begun saying God.. teach me how to submit to him, before I even know who he is. Teach me how to clean, cook and shop for him before we ever meet. Help me deal with the massive ego that I have, help me to be at peace with being vulnerable to him. Help me to accept him as he is and not try to make him into who and how I want him to be. Help me to surrender MY way of doing EVERYTHING for OUR way of doing it. 

Is it easy? NOPE!!!! 

But if you desire to have a healthy marriage and submit to a REAL Man of God... you should consider some of the things Meagan discusses here and begin having this real talk conversation with God. He loves you and he loves him.. if you start by trusting God and submitting to God wholeheartedly now, it will make the transition into marriage just a little bit easier. 

Watch below, I pray it blesses you. 

Until Next Time.... XOXO

I Went On ANOTHER Date

Sooooo I posted a blog a while ago about my first date after divorce, and I just want to say thank you so much for all the love and support.. Ya'll be making me feel like I'm famous... or Nah!?! LOL

So, I have lived in Houston for 10 months now and I have to be honest with... I meet A LOT of people!! Well let me just say this... I meet a lot of MEN!!!

Now, I'm no fool... its the booty... let just keep it 100... and this is why MOST people never get my last name so they can't Facebook me, They don't get the digits... so they wont be texting me: Hey, WYD, Send a pic, What you got on.. SMH and they definitely don't get to know where I live... for obvious reasons...

Well today I decided to accept a brunch date with a gentleman. You may be thinking so what made you say yes to this guy and no to all others... main reason was his conversation was very respectful, he talked about God without me bringing him up and he just had a different vibe than the others I have been coming in contact with...

We met at this nice Cafe in town, made me feel like I should've dressed up more the date as I started to park my car, but I said.. welp... he didn't tell me it was like this so my jeans and sweater are gonna have to be ok.

This date was different... he had an agenda and it was VERY clear. He had us sit at the bar so that if the date was terrible we weren't obligated to be there forever and if the date went well we could sit there for hours..

Ladies... he smelled like Jesus had given him a bottle of cologne made by the Holy Spirit... BUHAHAHA!!! I said.. #fixitjesus. But nah, he smelled really nice and instead of sipping on alcohol at the bar he was drinking orange juice.. Chile I look at everything.

He greeted me and told his friend he needed to let him go as I had arrived but not before they had a conversation about singing in the choir at church today. Now it could have been him running game... but the conversation seemed real so I thought that was neat.

As soon as I sat down I felt like he was an old home boy... and for me I prefer that. I don't like awkward dates where I can't be goofy, bold and normal... he was cool right off top.

We talked about God pretty much 85% of the time, our last relationships, where we are now in terms of dating, marriage, work, kids etc... and I learned that he's allergic to cats... poor guy.. he didn't know what to do once I told him I had two cats!! LOL

One thing I loved about the date was our food arrived, mine shortly after his he put his hand out for mine and he began praying over the meal. Note it wasn't a simple prayer, it was as if he was praying about the food, conversation and for God to reveal to him things about me that I wouldn't share on this first date.

I was like oh snap... I done met my match... in terms of being deep. LOL

Oh.. I forgot, he pulled out my chair for me to sit down at the bar too... Good job Bro!!!

We ended up talking for about 1.5 hours and this dude was quite the aggressor.

There was NO QUESTION that he didn't ask that was appropriate for a first date. He made it very clear that he was looking for a WIFE... Not Netflix and Chill and not a long drawn out relationship but a wife. He revealed that he is called to Pastor and is ready and willing when God gives him the green light and wants a women who knows who she is.

I sat there trying to eat my scrumptious Romaine Salad like whoa... this dude ain't kidding!! LOL

Then I had my moment... he said I must say, you are very beautiful as he looked into my eyes, I smiled and blushed saying Thank you very much... Then KEENYA came out... I said Thank you very much, I agree with you 100%!! We both died laughing... I wanted him to know that yes I think I am beautiful, I am glad that you recognize it, but I also know that there is so much more to me than my beauty...

He gave me a high five and said OMG... I know that's right.

Shortly after, he said I want us to go see Captain America, but I know you have other things to do. I just said well I wanted to have this first date, go back and process it and then maybe we will connect another time.

He understood... walked me to my car... making sure that HE walked on the outside towards traffic.. Kudos Bro... and once at my car... I noticed something..

He didn't want to leave... he just kept talking. Finally he says, I don't want you to leave so I just keep talking...

I had another moment... I said... Its ok.. It's the anointing.. LOL!! And we belted out yet another laugh!!!

Now, you may say why are you saying this stuff to him.... Well for a few reasons:

1. That's how I AM!! I am very fun, bold and unapologetic and I wanted him to get that off top
2. I wanted him to know that I am very confident in who I am and I'm not someone hoping to be saved by a man or feels like I can't get a man... but I KNOW who I am
3. I like to get a reaction out of them. I want to see if they can handle me.

I'm not a crazy woman or a handful per se... but I am me.

So why did I share this date with you?

I'm glad you asked... I shared this because there are people out there that have gone through divorce and its been 1-2-10 years and you STILL have not healed and moved on, allowing good men to come along... I want you to know that there IS life after divorce.

It happened and you don't have to walk around where a big red D on your forehead... it is what it is. That old marriage is just that OLD and OVER!! I'm not saying GET OVER IT.. but I am saying GET HEALED!!!!

There is joy, peace and love waiting for you... you just have to decide to move forward.

Do I love dating? NOPE!!!

Because its sitting with someone for 1-2 hours answering all of the same awkward questions over and over, but one thing I recognize is that.. to be married and have a family, at some point I was going to have to say yes to a man... but not every man... just those that are worth that 1-2 hours of my time.

Not sure if I will go on a 2nd date with him, but I did let him know.. Captain America will put me to SLEEP... so we probably shouldn't go to the movies...

Until Next Time.. XOXO

God & The Azusa Now Conference

God is so faithful and he knows when he moves... I tell EVERYBODY!!! 
So over the last year 11, 111, 1111 have been numbers that I see when God is about to move or is moving. I don't always understand it by any means, but when I start seeing it over and over again, I know that GOD is up to something. 
Well a few months back I started receiving emailed prophecies about a move of God happening in Southern California. Honestly, it didn't mean anything to me because God just moved me to Texas, but I kept reading the messages talking about the number 11.  

Well a few months ago on November 11th, 2015 (11/11) a prophet came to me and began talking to me about a few things and shared that I would be traveling to California... it didn't surprise me because Thanksgiving 2014 a prophet told me that I would be in a coliseum in California on stage, but I didn't think it meant anything for me now, but more so for later. 

Well this last Sunday 3/6/16, I woke up with the desire to attend the Azusa Now Conference in Los Angeles on April 9th, 2016. It wasn't weird per se, but I was like well since its on my heart, let me believe God for the provision to go. On my way to and from church I told God in my mind that I wanted to go, but I asked that he would grant me FAVOR with man. I asked that he would grant me favor with my flight, lodging and give me favor with preferred seating at the event... and I also asked him to SEE what I've NEVER seen before while I'm at the conference. 

Well I came home, found the conference on Facebook and clicked "Going" so that I would begin receiving any updates that they may begin to post on Facebook. I also, inboxed a few people to see if they were going and if I could stay with them..

A few hours later, a young lady I've known for a few years commented on where I clicked that I was going suggesting that we meet up for lunch... I said ok GREAT!! We started chatting in a private message when I mentioned that I needed a place to stay. She said she could help me find something and that one of her clients would be speaking at the event, which would give her PREFERRED SEATS.. my jaw dropped open. 

She messaged me back today sharing that I could stay with her at her home at NO CHARGE, she could get me to and from the airport and event... 

Let me tell you something... I know you are reading this and like oh wow praise God... but 

If I can be honest with you, I'm trying my very best not to break down crying as I type. 
The last 2 years have been the HARDEST YEARS OF MY LIFE... I wanted to give up on God, I cursed God at one point... like with literal curse words, but repented 2 weeks later. LOL

I mean, I remember years ago I could ask God for something and he would give it to me, just like that. I would win any contest I entered, I mean it was the most amazing time of my LIFE... 
I felt like I was the only person God loved because it was so awesome...

But to experience the hardest 2 years takes a toll on your spirit. I mean don't get me wrong, I love God, I honor God, I trust God... but its just been challenging. 

Then for this to happen.. is so monumental.

Honestly, its not even the trip, or the free room, or preferred seats... but its the fact that I am constantly reminded that he loves me, has plans for me... even though I am such a ratchet bucket of a mess (meaning I'm far from being perfect LOL) he STILL is going to do great things in and through me. 

So right now, I'm on a fast and so many things are already coming to pass... BUT... I know without a shadow of a doubt that when I step my feet on the ground in Cali and  at that conference, my life will change forever. 

I have NO IDEA what to expect.. no idea but I know God is going to do something amazing and I am honestly HONORED that me of all people, is someone that he wants to be there in the midst. 

Our God is faithful... 
I'm going to go ahead and break down crying now... I pray you will pray about attending the conference too. 

My First Date After Divorce

Sooo I recently went on a lunch date....

For those of you that are like HOLD UP... Aren't you married? Nope, not anymore. It's been almost 2 years since leaving a not so great situation, but you're gonna have to wait for the book to come out for that.... Let's focus on this date shall we...

I was asked on a lunch date recently and since I'm healed and ready to date I said sure. I'm very new to Texas and haven't been extremely social due to being busy with my businesses and such... But I did just so happen to meet this guy.

You may be asking yourself, I wonder what made her say yes to him...

Well.. He was well dressed, personable, mannerable and didn't run for the hills when I started talking about my relationship and love for Jesus... So he was already winning...

So we went to a place in Houston I've never heard of... Even though initially I objected to the type of food I saw online, but I said well he may know something I don't so let me just go.

Initially I didn't know how he knew my car, but I'm sure my VIRGINIA license plates gave me away. He approached my car, helped me out the door and with a big gigantic smile, he said hello and complimented me... Cute right?!?

As we stood in line I asked what I should order since I was new to this type of cuisine when he proceeded to say, let me order for you. My immediate thoughts went to the movie "In her shoes," where two lawyers at a law firm went to dinner... She went hesitantly, and he proceeded to order the very best meal for her... Of course she was apprehensive but allowed him to just as I did....

I wasn't impressed by his willingness to order, but my willingness to fall back and allow him to.
As we approached the table he proceeded to pulling out my chair and made sure I was OK before he sat down.

I know you ladies are like heyyyyyy... Was he black? Lol yes ladies he was black!!!

He took my hand and prayed for the meal, the conversation and the fellowship.... Good job Dude!!
And then the test to try the meal.... It was GREAT!!! Healthy for me and tasty to my belly!!

Sooooo why blog about this... Well you guys know I'm fairly transparent when I need to be and I know that there's some of you out there that have gone through a divorce, going through a divorce or in a bad dating relationship that needs to end.... But you feel like there's no way you'll meet anyone else...

While I didn't feel that way... I was embarrassed, disappointed and hurt... But YEARS ago I promised myself 1 thing... "No matter what a man does, I'll never make the next man suffer for his bad behaviors/decisions." So when I met this guy and decided to agree to a date I told myself, be in the moment and enjoy the time. Let him be him and you be you..

But I also told myself, I deserve to be treated as the prize that I am to a man. The bible says "he who finds a wife, finds a good thing and obtains favor from the lord."

I recognize my imperfections and areas of great weakness, but I more so understand who I am, what I bring to the table and how much a man will come up after being with me... And I'm not talking financially, I'm talking spiritually and everything that comes with a woman that is sold out for Jesus and fully submitted.

So if you're reading this and you've been challenged or are being challenged in your faith with being loved like you should... Then I want you to hold onto my faith... The faith of a woman that was betrayed, hurt and mistreated, but had the courage to end it, get healed, delivered and set free....

..... But also believe again.

Now I'm not in a relationship with this guy by any means. He doesn't know where I live and only got a hug outta me.... Lol!

But my point is...  My first date after divorce proved that #1 I STILL GOT IT and #2 I am the prize and worthy to be found...

Take Care XOXO

Curly Keeper Leave-In Conditioner and Styling Cream

Hey Curlfriends, 
  I wanted to chat with you all about some amazing new products I've been using. 

I've tried lots of different products the 5 years I've worn my natural hair and these products right here have proven to really love my curls. 

I started out by washing and conditioning my hair, I then applied the Curl Keeper Leave-In Conditioner and saturated it throughout my curls.. sectioned of course. 

I then applied the Curl Keeper Styling cream and did a twist set. 

My hair looks better when I allow it to air dry vs sitting under a dryer so I usually let my hair dry 
24-48 hours when I am able to. 

Unfortunately, I don't have my photos of my results, but it my hair was absolutely flawless. Not only that, I was able to keep a nice curl pattern/style for about 5 days before having to re-twist...

For natural girls, thats a miracle ain't it?!?

If you want to try this product out for your or your children, its available now at TARGET 

Be sure to print this coupon so you can get your $5 off too!! LOL

Hair Curly hair... LOL

Your Marketing Is Keeping Good Clients AWAY


5 Lessons I Learned My 5 Years In Business

It's been an amazing 5 years in business, some good, some bad, but more importantly the lessons I've learned along the way. You see, I've always known I would be a business owner and would be able to earn a significant amount of income from my labor, but I'll be honest with you, I had no idea what the process was going to be like... and I've had plenty of surprises along the way.

Keenya Kelly LLC and Return of the Curls is celebrating 5 years in business and we want to share with you 5 Lessons I Learned My 5 Years In Business.

1. You will work 12 - 14 hour days on a regular basis
Traditional corporate jobs start at 8am and end at 5pm with a one hour lunch break, but as an entrepreneur, you're not only lucky to have a bathroom break let alone a break for lunch.
So many days I wake up at 6am and don't get to sleep until after 1am in an effort to keep up with the demands of my business, but I'm reminded, at times if it is to be, its up to me.

2. You may make illegal mistakes
Praise God for grace because my first year in business, I was almost sued for $25,000. My mind told me that if the information was on the Internet, that it was free for me to use, until I received my first cease and desist letter.

From that point on, I was determined to write everything myself and in the end, have my personal attorney take a look at it for me.

3. A great deal of your support may come from strangers and not from your friends and family
This was by far the hardest thing I've had to deal with since being in business. My thought was that the people around me would understand the courage that it takes to step out in faith, leave your high paying corporate job for the unknown world of entrepreneurism, but I was incorrect.

The last 5 years I have come to understand that sometimes people don't support you because:
  A. They don't understand what it is that you do
  B. They could care less about what you do
  C. Some are jealous of you.

I try not to focus on either, because at the end of the day only two people care about my bills: Me and the people that I owe.

4. You're going to cry a lot
As funny as this sounds, its the truth. You are going to set goals and not hit them, you are going to have everything planned down to the T and everything go wrong. You are going to receive bad reviews from people you thought you over-delivered for and its going to make you want to quit. But truth be told, if you just give yourself a few days a a few good cries, you'll be OK.

5. You'll need to create automated systems
My first 5 years in business I had ZERO systems. I sent every email, trained each employee and everything else you could think of that  was needed to own and operate my business. I had 5000 email addresses in an excel spreadsheet, and wrote every single email for 7 months for 5 YEARS!

Every time someone was hired for our show I trained them in the job they were doing, our brand style and most times, we had to go through 2-3 people per show.

But this year, I finally realized I could record all of my trainings, and develop systems that will teach THEM in my absence.

All in all, its been an amazing 5 years in business and I'm so grateful for everything I've learned. My prayer for you as a business owner or future business owner HIRE A COACH!!!

Someone that has PROVEN business success and has proven automated business systems. I interviewed a ton of people before I hired my coaches so by the time I found them, I knew exactly what I wanted and didn't want. 

Bad Sponsors in Network Marketing with Keenya Kelly

Hey Guys!!!!! 

I was on Periscope recently teaching my followers how to operate in their Network Marketing businesses, when I was inspired to talk about: Bad Sponsors. 

This is a very passionate topic of mine, as I truly believe that if people are going to succeed in Network Marketing, that a good sponsor is what's necessary. 

Take a look at this video and you'll learn the makeup of a "Bad Sponsor," but you'll also learn about what it looks like to be a "Good Sponsor."

I hope you enjoy.... as you can see, I had a great time on Periscope. 

P.S. Make sure you come and find me on Periscope and Instagram

Why I Joined Total Life Changes

Total Life Changes has completely changed my LIFE!!
I know that sounds like a cliche' so let me tell you why. I got my start in Network Marketing back in 2002 as a Full Time college student with no industry experience but with the fire of a volcano. I had great "success" and was featured in Success From Home Magazine, but because of my EGO.. 
It all came crumbling DOWN... FAST. I left the industry in 2008 and vowed to NEVER do it again.. EVER!!

You see when you have success and lose everything, you associate the loss with what you were doing, vs with who YOU were... that was my issue. I spent the next 7 years working on myself as a person, I moved from Kentucky to Virginia and started my life over WITHOUT Network Marketing. 

I was married in 2013 and EARLY 2014 everything came crashing down before my eyes... 
I was DEVASTATED!! I got married to stay married, not to get divorced!!
With divorce comes a separation of income and a slew of emotions that I thought was going to take me out.. but here came Total Life Changes. 

I was speaking to a friend of mine regarding his success in Network Marketing and asked him to help me get my life back going. He shared that he felt like I could really excel in TLC, so I joined immediately. I honestly didn't know a lot about the company, but I trusted him with my life so I did what he told me to do... and thank God I did. It took me 3 months to get moving as I was going through the divorce process, but once I was back to normal 90 days later I was earning over $10,000 a month!! Yessss... 90 DAYS LATER!!!!!!!!

Its been an absolutely amazing journey in such a SHORT period of time, but I am super excited about whats happening and about to happen with our company. 

So far since being involved in TLC I've earned right at $85,000 (I sell a lot of Retail in cash... whoop whoop) and I promised myself that by then end of 2016, I will be a documented $500,000 earner.

... and I'm looking for folks to join me...

Will you be one?

A Marketing Strategist & Motivational Speaker

Keenya Kelly has been in the industry of Network Marketing for over 10 years and grown a sales force of over 30,000 distributors in less than one year.

New Author of the Ebook Network Marketing 101.

As CEO of Return of the Curls, we host nation-wide events for women of all ethnicities with curly hair. As the owner I am responsible for Sales, Marketing, Public Relations, Event Planning, Accounting etc.

After college, I joined a network marketing organization. With my networking, leadership and selling abilities I was able to build an organization, from one person (me), to over 5,000 selling representatives, as well as being featured in the May 2005 issue of Success From Home magazine.

I have always had the desire to own and operate businesses, as well as to travel the world as a motivational speaker, teaching and educating women on how to launch their own success businesses.

Recent Posts

Business Description

Keenya Kelly LLC and Return of the Curls came to be due to my need as an African American woman to be able to embrace my naturally curly hair and to forgo applying chemicals that were harmful to my hair and body.

In 2010, I launched an event with a friend of mine from church, in an effort to assist other women whom we were associated with, to help them care for their hair. The goal of this event was to assist 100 women through a four hour event and charge them $5 for entry. After this event, we were able to sell 27 vendor spaces for $50 as well as 500 tickets at the rate of $5 per ticket.

At these events, women were not only able to purchase hair products from local small businesses, but gained a wealth of knowledge on how to care for their naturally curly hair, as well as to connect with professional hair stylists to assist them with their hair journey.

The reason Return of the Curls is successful is because African American women need to be educated regarding the effects of using chemicals found in relaxers, and how they have been known to cause cancer as well as forms of alopecia. Our shows work with international companies, whom we fly into our events, to offer free products and education to our consumers and leave them with the necessary information to make the transition from chemically treating their hair to embracing their naturally curly hair.

We were able to host a Natural Hair Expo in Richmond, Va with over 1500 attendees and 50 small businesses as a first event.

My biggest challenge so far with my company has been getting local leaders to show their support. We have an amazing amount of support from small business owners and consumers, but major local businesses have yet to come to show their support.

My ultimate goal is to host 4 shows a year in the United States and 2 internationally.

I am most proud that while I have a great sales/marketing background, I have been able to build a massive social media platform of over 3000 Facebook followers and 2900 Instagram followers.